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Market Analysis

Luna Ventures has experience in all aspects of property acquisition and sale: determining an offer or sale price, negotiating a contract, securing financing, working with attorneys and accountants, reviewing closing documents and integrating new properties into the company.

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Investor Reporting

Luna Ventures can help structure the best financing profile for your project and design the optimal financing package presentation. We can provide access to appropriate lending institutions for both traditional bank loans and have experience with less traditional forms of financing such as SBA loans and EB-5 funding. We can also prepare material to secure equity capital.  If there are maturing loans, we can research new financing options.

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Financial Analysis & Projections

Luna Ventures can work with individual property managers to create operating budgets for new and existing properties. These tools allow investors and financial institutions to see how a given property is performing against its budget. They can also be used to fine tune management incentives by tying them to actual performance in an achievable but challenging way.

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Operational Support

Luna Ventures believes the future of hospitality is experiential travel. Especially for recreational travel, but increasingly with business travel, hotel guests want to feel they have gotten a taste of the local environment. Luna Ventures can provide strategies for ensuring customers get this. These strategies require more than providing a list of favorite restaurants. They include providing guests with both a restaurant suggestion and a special off-menu item or name of a lively bartender. Especially for properties without full time concierge services, these special suggestions can make a hotel experience truly memorable.

Whether you are considering a new hospitality project or evaluating an existing project, Luna Ventures can provide market analysis to help you achieve the best financial outcomes and long-term viability. In a new market this means looking at competition, trends, demand drivers and new supply. In an existing market it means determining how the business compares to its competition and identifying operating procedures and capital improvements to improve results.

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Property Acquisition & Sale

If a real estate investment group has different investors for individual properties, Luna Ventures can create customized reports geared to the specific needs of these investors. The reports can range from a monthly screenshot of the property’s performance to a detailed annual report. They can include financial performance metrics, marketing plans, operating challenges, market analysis, cost control initiatives, and capital project pipelines. We can also provide information on what other clients have found useful.

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In both existing and new projects, Luna Ventures can assist in improving financial performance and operating efficiency by identifying synergies, costs savings, and revenue opportunities. This requires a solid understanding of the story behind the numbers and involves detailed analysis of past financial performance, in-depth dialogue with management and staff, and well coordinated implementation planning.

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Operating Budgets

For owners of boutique hotels which have large portfolios of properties, Luna Ventures can reduce the need for corporate staff involvement in every day decisions.  We can serve as the first point of contact for general managers and property managers on operational issues and plans: fielding questions, suggesting solutions to problems, and presenting ideas to corporate teams and/or owners. Luna can travel to individual sites as needed, which can be especially helpful to property managers in remote locations or far from the corporate office.

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Curating Guest Experience